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Najem mieszkania

"I am very satisfied with the service I've received. Especially for the speed and disposition of Kinga at all times.

I arrived in Poznan without an apartment and on Friday I found one that I liked quite a bit, I got in touch and in an instant she answered me. The next day we had the first visit to the house and I asked if I could install on Sunday. 

Surprisedly, the same Sunday I received the keys of the house without any problem. 

Right now, I am very satisfied with my apartment and I have not had any problem, Kinga is always attentive to that everything is solved. 

I'll recommend it 100%".

Jing Losada Villanueva



Najem mieszkania

"I am very statisfied with your service, Kinga. During the complete process you have been a great contact person and i felt very comfortable. If someone asks me, I will always recommend You and the company Perado. Very professional."

Julian Schmitz



Najem mieszkania

"Bardzo dziękujemy za miłą, profesjonalną i fachową pomoc podczas naszej współpracy przy wynajmie mieszkania."

Iga Jędrzejczak



Najem mieszkania

"With the help of Ms Kinga Halicka from Perado I've found the apartment that fully satisfies my needs in a matter of days. I was guided through the entire process including negotiations and contract signing. I would definitely recommend Perado to anyone."

Alexander Didenko



Najem lokalu

"Nasza firma korzystała z usług PERADO Sp. z o.o. przy okazji wynajęcia biura. Pani Kinga Halicka okazała się nieocenioną pomocą w kwestiach formalności. Punktualna, profesjonalna, rzeczowa, kompetentna a dodatkowo przemiła osoba. Będę polecać firmę PERADO Sp. z o.o. i sama w przyszłości na pewno skorzystam z Państwa usług."

Marita Wiśniewska, Project manager, NORCO SP. Z O.O.




Najem mieszkania

"I am strongly satisfied about the whole process. Housing options offered were very good and within my expectations, also offered in a timely manner. Also appointments with the owners and support on them, even taking me from home, were very useful for me.
Later on, upon the cancellation of the first owner agreement, reaction arranging the second one was also fast and in order to ease my movement, even done on a Saturday, which was very convenient for me. Support during house checking and contract signing was good as well.

I would strongly recommend working with Perado and with Ms Kinga Halicka again."

Many thanks,
José Ignacio



Najem mieszkania

"Me and my wife was completely satisfied with the provided rent search service which included transportation, translation, assistance with rent contract and an apartment handover. We would looking forward with the further cooperation, if we decided to change the apartment in future and perhaps, if some discount suggested :)"

Bogdan and Svitlana Dobrelya


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